doctor mistakesIt’s important for physicians to realize that they are in the business of medicine and business requires marketing.

That said, as a practicing physician you need to not only market, but market effectively.

Don’t assume that because you know medicine, you instinctively know how to market a medical practice.

Just as savvy patients look to you for your medical expertise, you in turn should be a savvy physician and look to marketing and PR professionals for their expertise. Doing so will save you time, money, marketing misfires, and headaches and will build your medical practice more quickly and more effectively.

That said, below are four medical marketing mistakes to make sure you avoid:

  • Don’t assume that marketing is unnecessary or that that marketing is for other physicians. Make the realization that you can benefit for PR and marketing your starting point. If you assume that marketing doesn’t work or that marketing is somehow beneath you, change that assumption. That can be a costly mistake
  • Don’t make your website about you. Assuming you have a website (you do, right?) make sure that your site is not about you, but about your patients and prospective patients. Yes it’s important that you list your credentials, accomplishments and specialties, but more importantly make sure that your website addresses your patients concerns and needs.
  • Don’t confuse being on social media with social media marketing. Simply being on Facebook, or Twitter is not going to meet your marketing needs. Millions of people are on those sites. Utilize them effectively. Don’t post simply to post. Use your social media outreach to engage, inform and educate.
  • Don’t confuse sending out a press release with launching a public relations campaign. Effective PR is a well thought out, strategic, cumulative process. Don’t simply assign that task to someone in-house and think you have your media relations needs covered. Find a knowledgeable PR firm that has worked in the medical field. Pick a firm with experience who knows the media, how to develop story ideas and how to work with you to develop a successful campaign. Remember PR is the only form of marketing that reaches your target market, establishes you as an expert in your field and offers you the credibility and validation of being featured in the news.

In medicine, marketing is a must, so do your homework. This is an essential, so don’t wait; find the marketing approach that works best for you and move forward.

The biggest medical marketing mistake?

Not marketing.

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