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Marketing Your Orthopedic Practice Through Effective PR

Let’s say you’re launching a new orthopedic practice, or your orthopedic practice is doing well, but it could do better. You want your practice to grow.  You want to more firmly establish your brand in the market. You want prospective patients to turn to you instead of the competition.

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How PR Can Grow Your Medical Practice

PR is the only form of marketing that offers you the validation, credibility and authority of being featured in the news and more than most professionals, physicians need to be aware of how they are perceived by the public.  A person’s health is his or her most asset,...

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PR & the Growth of Complementary and Integrative Medicine

There are a number of definitions of “integrative medicine.”   They all involve the melding of conventional or allopathic medicine and complementary approaches. Whereas the two approaches used to be diametrically opposed, and there are still battle lines that are...

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The Brave New World of Telemedicine & Videoconferencing

By Moshe Lewis, M.D. and Anthony Mora  Telemedicine and videoconferencing via smartphones is rapidly changing the face of medicine. Now you can virtually see a doctor in real-time regarding medical questions. Not only does this save travel time, gas expense, parking...

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The Hidden Plus of Launching a PR Campaign

A physician-oriented PR and media relations campaign can help you achieve a number of objectives.  Your aim may be to bring in more patients, to build a new practice, to establish yourself as an expert in your field, or to focus on a new procedure, or to separate...

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Your PR Success is in Your Waiting Room

When it comes to health and medical public relations, effective PR is effective storytelling. And seldom is a story more effective than one of overcoming an illness, symptom, or a trauma.

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