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PR Secrets for Physicians

Doctor PR is more important than ever because patients are savvier than ever, and they know that an ad or a commercial is there because it was paid for. 

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Positioning Your Medical Practice for Success

An article in Forbes magazine recently suggested that spas could serve as an inspiration to physicians when it comes to retooling their practices and marketing their services. I realize that can be an unsettling thought for many physicians, but before you simply...

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4 Secrets of Effective Medical PR

As a physician, PR, specifically media relations, is the most impactful type of marketing that you can utilize.  It is the only form of marketing that reaches your target market, establishes you as an expert, and offers you the validation and credibility of being...

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The PR Approach to Growing Your Orthopedics Practice

More than 70% of consumers search for health information online, according to Pew Research Center. They search for articles, interviews, TV segments.  The public generally finds its health and medical oriented information from the mainstream media, either directly from TV segments and/or articles in magazines or newspapers, or by searching the net for that information.

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PR Tips for Building Your OB/GYN Practice

A recent survey shows that more than half–54% of Millennials look online before choosing a new physician.  What they find online are often links to traditional media stories, i.e. features or interviews on TV, magazines, newspapers and radio.  Prospective patients also look to popular health programs (such as Dr. Oz and The Doctors) and news outlets such as CNN, Time, the New York Times, Good Morning America, and The View.   Patients and potential patients view the media as a reputable unbias source of information and when you or your practice is featured in the media you establish yourself as the ‘go-to’ authority in your field.  That builds credibility and trust which go a long way to attracting new patients.

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Marketing Your Orthopedic Practice Through Effective PR

Let’s say you’re launching a new orthopedic practice, or your orthopedic practice is doing well, but it could do better. You want your practice to grow.  You want to more firmly establish your brand in the market. You want prospective patients to turn to you instead of the competition.

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