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A Google study reports that 77% of patients use online search before booking an appointment with a physician. These patients are looking for assurance that they are going to a reputable doctor. It’s their health they’re dealing with, which can be a scary proposition.

What those patients are looking for is assurance that they’re making the best choice when it comes to the healthcare of themselves and their families and finding information about a doctor online can offer some sense of comfort.

That said, having a robust website that explains your practice and your expertise is essential as is developing a social media outreach which keeps you in front of the public, your patients and your prospective patients.

But, this is the era of the educated patient. Information is more readily available via the internet and people are taking more time to learn about their issues, symptoms and problems. Prospective patients are also savvy enough to understand that information that they do find on your site and on your social media platforms, regardless how helpful an information, is generated by you and your staff.

That’s where the power of PR and media relations can separate you and your practice from the competition.

Let’s say prospective patients were able to find a link to a TV interview you’d been feature on or a segment with you on a national morning show, or an article in a national magazine you were quoted in as an expert, or a feature on you and your practice in a local newspaper? Think about how much more assured a prospective patient would feel about calling your office to make an appointment.


Because that type of coverage offers the validation and credibility of being featured in the news. It not only enhances your reputation as a physician, it helps build the trust factor of the prospective patient.

Why an effective traditional public relations campaign is so important when it comes to marketing a medical practice?


Although there are other forms of marketing that can reach your target market, PR (and specifically media relations) is the only marketing approach that allows you to inform and educate the public, while reaching your target market and enhancing your reputation.

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