When it comes to health and medical public relations, effective PR is effective storytelling.  And seldom is a story more effective than one of overcoming an illness, symptom, or a trauma.

It is the same with stories of patients whose lives’ have been changed or altered by a surgical procedure.  The media and the public (your prospective patients) love transformational stories.  Stories that show how a person’s life was changed for the better. 

These changes can be dramatic, such as a person being saved from a life threatening illness, or they can be subtler, such as a person who suffered with allergies now being allergy free.  They can be stories of patients successfully recovering from back surgery, or stories of patients who feel they now have a new lease on life after cosmetic surgery. 

The one constant in all of these is that they are stories the public can identify with.  They are stories that strike a chord.  Even if that viewer listener or reader doesn’t have that exact some problem, chances are good he or she know someone he does.  These are stories that are told though the patient’s journey, but you, the physician, are the hero of the tale. 

You are the expert.  You are the one who made the diagnosis.  You solved the problem and changed the patient’s life. And it is you who will be remembered.  You will be seen as the expert in the field and when other potential patients are looking for a physician to contact, yours will be the number they will call.

It’s important to keep this in mind when launching a PR campaign for you or your practice.  Too often physicians focus on studies statistics and contact the media using dry medical jargon.  Remember your patient’s stories tell your story. 

Your patient success are your successes. 

Yes, studies, statistics and the latest medical findings can all make for good media stories, but chances are your most valuable stories are in your office, in your waiting room in your patient rooms.

So, to go full circle, remember effective PR is effective storytelling. 

Chances are high that you have a wealth of stories that the media, and the public, would love to hear.

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