What makes medical-oriented public relations so different from other forms of marketing is that, unlike ads, commercials, direct marketing, its focus is on instruction and education. With most other forms of marketing (whether online of off) the focus is primarily on selling. Ads generally concentrate on why something is better, cheaper, newer, etc. The aim is to hit the impulse center of the brain to make a sale. And that can work great with fashion, entertainment and electronics, but medicine and healthcare are in a completely different arena. That’s not to say that the same type of impulse marketing isn’t used in the health arena. Long ago pharmaceutical companies learned the monetary benefits of bypassing physicians and going directly to the consumer. The sales pitch is often remarkably similar to that of any other type of product.

But, as a physician, you’re not a product. You’re a healer and a trusted advisor. Patients go to you for information, education and guidance. You form a relationship with your patients and that is often the strongest bond. When looking for a physician, prospective patients are not looking to be sold, they are hoping to find someone they can trust who has the right expertise, who is an expert in his or her field.

And that’s why PR is the most important and impactful form of marketing that a physician can do. It’s the only form of marketing that focuses directly on the trust factor. By being featured on TV or the radio, or in a magazine or newspaper, you are presented as the news. You gain the validation and credibility of being featured in the media, which is something that no ad, commercial, or online marketing campaign can offer you.

You can then use links to your stories, or quotes from media that has featured you in any other form of media outreach that you choose to do. But it’s the PR and media relations that is going to establish you as an expert in your field and separate you from the competition.

The primary emphasis when launching an effective PR campaign should not be on selling but on educating, engaging and informing.   Patients will seek you out because you’re being presented as an expert in your field. Patients are not looking for a doctor who is “selling” them, they are looking for a physician who is an expert that they can trust.

And that’s precisely how an effective PR campaign presents you.

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