A strong public relations outreach is the backbone of any effective medical marketing campaign.  The trouble is that the process can seem confusing and nebulous to many physicians.   The thought of actively marketing still baffles some in the medical field.  I’ve found that the best way for a physician to approach a PR campaign is to view it not simply as a marketing outreach, but also as the most powerful and effective educational tool available.

In fact, a PR campaign is not just about marketing, it’s also about informing and educating.  The media is how most of the public learns about medical breakthroughs and health-oriented stories. 

Whether it be CNN, the New York Times, Time magazine, the Wall Street Journal, the Today Show, or your local newspaper, it is via the media that people learn about the latest medical approaches and treatments, the newest medical tests, or the most recent health-oriented breakthroughs.

Today, savvy hospitals and physicians view public relations as an integral component of not only their marketing strategy, but their educational outreach.  But it’s important to understand the process.  Effective PR is effective storytelling.  Effectively communicating with your audience is the bottom line.   It’s not enough to simply hire a public relations firm; it’s important to work with them, a change in attitude and outlook is required.  Many doctors are used to presenting scientific data to their peers. They are trained to think in terms of studies and statistics, but that’s not going to be effective when talking to the media. Both the public and media understand and respond more favorably to anecdotal stories.

It can be the kiss of death to communicate with the media using medical and scientific jargon.  That makes for a very insular, often misunderstood, form of communication. This not only applies to physicians and health professionals.  All business professionals can benefit from learning to speak the public’s language and honing their ability to communicate, but those in the medical field can perhaps benefit the most.  

An intelligent, effective media campaign educates and informs the media and the public. Used effectively, P.R. can usher in new concepts and perspectives, and shape the ideas of a community and a nation.  To reach that end, physicians need to view themselves as educators. After all, we live in the information age and no profession, field or practice can avoid its effects.

Professionals who understand the process and actively utilize the media not only grow their practices and build their patient-base, but also to inform and educate the public.

That is true success.


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