Success Diagnosis Concept with Stethoscope and dart. clipping path included.A physician-oriented PR and media relations campaign can help you achieve a number of objectives.  Your aim may be to bring in more patients, to build a new practice, to establish yourself as an expert in your field, or to focus on a new procedure, or to separate yourself from the competition.  All those objectives are sound and can be accomplished through an effective public relations outreach.  Every physician has his or her own needs and goals and it’s important to outline those goals in order to tailor your media campaign to achieve those specific aims.

We begin each campaign with an intake session where we review the physician’s need and objectives and set up a game plan tailored to meet those objective.  In the past we’ve placed physicians in a wide range of media outlets from local and regional media to such national outlets as Oprah, the Today Show, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Doctors and hundreds of other media outlets.  Each campaign has its own specific and approach. 

Whereas each campaign is designed to reach a physician’s target market, grow a medical practice, establish him or her as an expert and gain the credibility and validation which comes from being featured in the news, there is also a hidden plus.

Each campaign is also designed to educate, inform and benefit the public.  We’ve worked with a wide range of physicians including oncologists, cardiologists, pain management specialists, OBGYNs, and pulmonary specialists. 

Each physician has had unique patient stories to tell and each one has addressed issues that affect hundreds, thousand and sometimes millions of people.  By taking these stories to the media we in turn have been able to offer options and solutions for patients who were often unaware new approaches, treatments or modalities existed. 

As a physician, one of the most important aspects to keep in mind when launching a health or medical-oriented public relations campaign is how important the information you’re offering can be.  Through the media you are able to directly communicate with hundreds, thousands or millions of people.  Some may be directly dealing with the problem, symptoms or disease you’re addressing, others may know a friend or a family member who could use the information.  There will be treatments, approaches, and options you offer that may not be new within the medical community, but could be new to many patients.     The information you offer can often it can be a life changer.

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