The first thing you need to do is to realize that as a physician, marketing is part of your job description. If PR or marketing is uncomfortable for you, realize that you’re simply reaching out to and educating clients and prospective clients.

Although there is objectionable marketing, marketing in and of itself need not be. Done with thought and integrity, it can separate you from your competitors and establish you as a go to expert in your field.

Make sure your marketing is about your prospects and not about you. This can be confusing and often counter intuitive. The knee jerk reaction is to list your skills, accomplishments, accolades, etc. Those are important, but they are basically the icing on the cake. They are going to be the points that help a prospect feel interested enough to make that initial call, but they will not be why the prospect makes that initial contact.

Addressing your prospective client needs is paramount, but isn’t enough. Whether you advertise, market online, through a blog or via social media, remember to include a call to action. Simply giving facts and information is not enough to have a prospective patient take the action necessary to become an actual patient. When a prospect sees your marketing efforts and there is no call to action, chances are that’s exactly the response you’ll get – no action whatsoever.

Studies show that consumers will generally not buy or take action until after the seventh contact with a particular business. There are actions you can take to bring that number down considerably, but what that illustrates is that consistent marketing is the most effective marketing.

Start by figuring out what you’re marketing. Saying you have a practice and are a great physician isn’t enough. Why should patients choose you? Is it your expertise in your field? Do you specialize in a particular area? Does your office offer special services? Do you offer convenience that other practices generally don’t? Be factual. Stay away from smoke and mirrors.

Next figure out how you want to present yourself to the public. This can take some work. Find the right verbiage, the right images, and the right tone.

Define your target market. Who are your prospective patients?

Have your website reflect your brand.

Then come up with a marketing gameplan.

You’ve defined your message, your story and brand. You know your target market. You have developed a call to action.

Now you need to figure out how you can best reach your target market.

There are a number of avenues to consider from ads, commercials and newsletters, to email marketing, social media marketing and blogging.

All of those are worth reviewing, but the number one way to market your medical practice is by launching an effective public relations campaign. Through PR you’re established not through ads or commercials, but as a news story. You gain the validation, credibility and trust factor of being featured on TV or in print, or on the radio. You build your reputation and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

And that is the most effective way to build your medical practice.

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