Let’s say you’re launching a new orthopedic practice, or your orthopedic practice is doing well, but it could do better.

You want your practice to grow. 

You want to more firmly establish your brand in the market. 

You want prospective patients to turn to you instead of the competition.

The question is, how do you accomplish that? 

Let’s ask a follow-up question, how do most people search for medical help or advice?

Most turn to the Internet.

But let’s take that a step further, what do most people search for when they Google a health problem or symptom?

They search for articles, interviews, TV segments.  The public generally finds its health and medical oriented information from the mainstream media, either directly from TV segments and/or articles in magazines or newspapers, or by searching the net for that information.

So, the most effective way to market your medical practice is through the media and the way to establish yourself in the media is through an effective public relations campaign.

Media coverage is the most effective form of medical marketing because it offers you and your practice validation, credibility and establishes you as an expert in your field. 

An effective, targeted public relations campaign is the most effective way to establish yourself in the media. When it comes to successfully launching a PR campaign for your orthopedic medical practice, the bottom line is developing good stories.  The media doesn’t want a hard sell, nor does it want a list of facts, information on a grand opening, a laundry list of services or procedures, or information on a physician’s training and education.  All of that information can be incorporated into a story, but that type of information in and of itself is not going to grab the media’s attention.

So, what will?  For a campaign to be successful, you need to stop looking at your practice from your perspective, and take a fresh look at it from the media’s perspective.  What about your expertise, your practice, your patients can interest the media and educate, inform the public? 

The media is constantly on the lookout for compelling health and medical-oriented stories.  Present yourself as a compelling expert who can both inform and educate, but never forget that the bottom line is making sure you develop stories with a strong narrative. 

A strong media relations outreach is the most effective form of marketing for an orthopedic practice.  You establish yourself not through ads or commercials, but through the media – you, in essence, are the news.  With that comes the validation and credibility of being presented as an expert in your field. 

And that is what prospect patients are looking for. 

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