The healthcare landscape is changing quickly and to stay competitive, it is incumbent on practitioners and medical institutions to react accordingly in order to remain current and competitive, particularly in the areas of marketing, public relations and overall communication skills.

Although an effective media relations campaigns is the most effective way for physicians and hospitals to reach their target market, establish themselves as the go-to experts in their field, media relations is just one part of the equation.

The term public relations is a large umbrella term that encompasses media relations, community relations, and overall communications.  Whereas the media relations side can be effectively handled by a firm that specializes in health and medical-oriented PR, the world or healthcare is rapidly changing and to effectively address the rest of the equation requires an organization that from the top down has been properly trained, educated and prepared to interact not only with the media, but also with patients, co-workers, and members of the community.

There are certain tasks that can’t be delegated or outsourced, but need to be handled in-house.  For example patient/staff communications, inner staff communications and physician or staff presentations.  In those cases medical directors, physicians and staff need to be properly trained and prepared.  Other tasks, such as developing and implementing an effective community relations campaign or social media program can be outsourced, or staff members can be trained to handle them in-house.  The following is a list of PR and communication-oriented topics that every physician, medical center or hospital needs to address in order to maximize their practice or healthcare center and be prepared for any PR or communication eventuality

Strategic Team Training

Presentation Skills

Media Relations

Effective Messaging

Reputation Management

Damage Control

Social Media Strategies

Promoting Physician Practices

Developing a Dynamic Community Outreach Program

Positioning Your Hospital or Medical Center as the go to center for the Media.

Optimizing inner staff communication

Optimizing patient/staff communication.

Analysis of current marketing and PR outreach

Effectively Melding Media Relations and Social Media.

To address the changes and shifts that are taking place in the healthcare arena, we too are changing and have developed a number of trainings, seminars and workshops to address these issues.  The trainings focus on the how-tos and nuts-and-bolts of effective communications, marketing, and practice building.  As mentioned earlier, some of these task can be outsourced, but others need to be dealt with in house.  A point-person can be designated to oversee each assignment or task and staff can be trained through workshops, seminars, consultations and one-on-one trainings.

Although change can be challenging, it is the one of the few certainties in life, so best accept and embrace it.  Or, to quote Socrates, which is usually a safe bet: “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”

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