Apart from your expertise and skill as a physician, what is the most important component to building your OB/GYN   practice? Many physicians would answer that question with an enthusiastic nod to their staff or to their patients and they would be right.  Without your staff–your practice could not run and without your patients there would be no practice.

But to grow your practice, marketing and PR are the keys.

Marketing, particularly public relations, is essential to the success of any business, and medical practices are no exception. For a medical practice to grow and ideally to thrive, every physician has a monthly patient target.

While it is important to maintain a relationship with your existing patients, it is equally important to grow your practice and add new patients. Of course, there are the usual ways to achieve this, including marketing techniques and referral programs, but there is much more you can do. It’s been proven time and time again, that a well-honed public relations campaign is less expensive than advertising and offers a tangible credibility that other forms of marketing simply cannot come compete with.

When patients are seeking a new physician they turn to people they trust for referrals but they also turn to the web?

A recent survey shows that more than half–54% of Millennials look online before choosing a new physician.  What they find online are often links to traditional media stories, i.e. features or interviews on TV, magazines, newspapers and radio.  Prospective patients also look to popular health programs (such as Dr. Oz and The Doctors) and news outlets such as CNN, Time, the New York Times, Good Morning America, and The View.   Patients and potential patients view the media as a reputable unbias source of information and when you or your practice is featured in the media you establish yourself as the ‘go-to’ authority in your field.  That builds credibility and trust which go a long way to attracting new patients.

Establishing trust and credibility is a key factor to building a successful OB/GYN practice.  To start you need compelling stories.  Effective PR is effective storytelling.  So, what is it about you, your practice or your patients that will make for a compelling media pitch?  What do you offer your female patients that is unique? The stronger the pitch, the better your chances of garnering media coverage.

Apart from attracting new patients and offering a high return on your investment, PR also boosts your SEO significantly. When you are featured as an expert in the media it drives potential patients to your website–this is web traffic that you can capitalize on to attract even more patients and increase referrals. Creating an online community that can house video clips of your appearances, news article clippings, and a weekly or monthly blogs is also extremely helpful in raising your SEO–and therefore your profile–today your online presence is just as important as your office, many times it is even more important, as more people will view your online presence than will physically visit your office–therefore people often make an assessment about your practice based solely on what they have seen in the media and your website.

When you connect with your community through the media you are able to share your informed expert opinion and reach millions of viewers at once. That builds a huge amount of credibility and that is the power of PR. 

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