PR is the only form of marketing that offers you the validation, credibility and authority of being featured in the news and more than most professionals, physicians need to be aware of how they are perceived by the public.  A person’s health is his or her most asset, and to most there is nothing more important than picking the right healthcare practitioner.  No one wants to put their health in the hands of someone they don’t trust.   Few patients chose a physician, healthcare provider, or a hospital, the same way they do a new Smartphone or a new set of tires.   Patients want to see someone they have confidence in, someone they feel is the best in the field.  In a nutshell, they want to go to someone they trust.  And that’s why a well-planned public relations campaign is so very important to building a medical practice.

Marketing a medical practice via a print ads, social media and TV commercial can be effective, but there are also some inherent possible midfields.  Physicians don’t want to be perceived as though they are actively “selling”; no prospective patient wants to be sold.  Patients want to choose and they want to choose someone who has credibility, someone they feel is knowledgeable and at the top of their field.  And that is precisely why a well-planned public relations campaign is so very important to building a medical practice. You’re not presented as an ad, or commercial, or social media post, you’re featured in the news. 

In over two decades working in the healthcare PR field, I’ve seen firsthand how important media coverage is to physicians and hospitals.  We’ve placed physicians and healthcare practitioners in a wide range of media outlets including Time, Newsweek, Oprah, the Today Show, the Wall Street journal, the New Your Times, the BBC and hundreds of other local and national media outlets.  Those placements have helped build practices and establish medical experts.

People turn to experts in time of need.  They look for those they can trust, and being featured in Time, USA Today, the Today Show, CNN or the Wall Street Journal, helps give the public that sense of trust.  In the medical field, it’s not the physician or medical center who can buy the biggest ad or run the most commercials who win; it’s those that can tell the most compelling and educational human-interest stories.  That’s how effective PR works and It’s that type of media coverage that helps physicians build their brands and grow their practices.

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