Savvy Healthcare PR Seminars & Workshops

The term public relations is a large umbrella term that encompasses media relations, community relations, and overall communications. Along with full media relations campaigns, we also offer workshops, seminars, trainings that cover a wide range of topics and issues. The focus is on communication and marketing training, preparation and education.

Anthony Mora and staff focus on the marketing aspects and Moshe Lewis, M.D.  provides the practice management side of the programs. We cover a number of marketing and communication-oriented topics that every physician, medical center or hospital needs to address in order to maximize their effectiveness and be prepared for any PR or communication eventuality.

Seminar & Workshop Topics

Strategic Team Training

Presentation Skills

Media Relations

Media Training

Effective Messaging

Reputation Management and Damage Control

Social Media Strategies

Developing Pitches and Story Angles That Work

Promoting Physician Practices

Developing a Targeted Media Outreach

Developing a Dynamic Community Outreach Program

Positioning Your Hospital or Medical Center as the go to center for the Media.

Optimizing inner staff communication

Optimizing patient/staff communication.

Analysis of current marketing and PR outreach

Effectively Melding Media Relations and Social Media.

Reputation Management

Damage Control

Social Media Strategies

Community Outreach Strategies

Dr. Moshe Lewis

Dr. Moshe Lewis

Practice Management Consultant

Moshe Lewis, M.D., currently serves as a practice management consultant for physician practices and private companies. He is a principal at Virtuosity Health Solutions, a company dedicated to utilizing cloud based technology to enhance efficiency and reimbursement. Previously he served in Risk Management for Kaiser Permanente and in Operations at NASA, Ames Research Center.