medical checklistYour job is to offer your patients quality care, expertise.

But, that’s not where your job description as a physician ends.

You can offer the best care, expertise and unsurpassed service.

Still, if no one knows about it, you’re going to have quite a lot of time on your hands.

Or if the right prospective patients don’t know about it, you might be busy, but not doing the work you’re hoping for.

What I’m basically saying is that in the medical field marketing is no longer an option.

Marketing is a necessity.

With that fact as your starting point, the following is a medical marketing checklist to keep in mind:

  • You need a website that reflects you, your specialty, your philosophy and your practice, but don’t simply stop there. Don’t make your website simply about you and your expertise. If your site is going to work for you you need to make it about your patients. Address their needs, their questions, their fears Too many physicians make their website a laundry list of their achievements and their services. Don’t fall into that trap. Make your site patient-centric.
  • Using social media to engage patients and potential patients is no longer an option – it’s a necessity. One of the quickest ways to build and maintain relationships with current, former and potential patients is through social media. But, engagement is the operative word. You don’t simply want to post, or announce, you want to connect with people via the various social media platforms. This might not be your forte. To do it correctly can be a time consuming process. Consider bringing someone who understands the ins and outs of social media to help. But, always know and approve what is being shared or posted. Regardless who posts or shares the information, it will be seen as your words, your images, basically – you.
  • Consider giving community lectures about various health and wellness issues, or hosting a presentation series that features you and your practice. Offer a seminar on your specialty. Or you could go a step further and offer a special presentation night that features you along with several local businesses. Consider teaming up with a charity. Make it a community event.
  • Participate in other community events and programs. For example a walk or a run designed to benefit a particular cause, or a fair can offer you an opportunity to set up a screening booth or wellness booth.
  • And, your most important marketing approach, launch an ongoing, sustained public relations outreach. Unlike advertising, direct marketing, or online marketing, traditional PR is the only form of marketing that reaches your target market and offers you the validation and credibility of being featured in the news. Whether your media coverage is local, regional or national (or all three) media relations is your best marketing approach for establishing yourself as an expert, enhancing your reputation and building your medical brand. Your PR success stories will also enhance all of your other marketing efforts.

So, the bottom line is that in order to establish a successful medical practice, you need to approach your practice as a business, which indeed it is. Successful businesses market.

Use this basic checklist as your medical marketing guide. You can add and modify the list as you go.

And, if you have any questions, fill out this form.

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